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Paulding County Building Requirements

The following steps need to be taken prior to building in Paulding County:

     1. Purchase a Paulding County Building Permit
     2. Purchase a Township or Village Zoning Certificate
     3. Check with utility companies to ensure proper installation or location of existing lines
     4. Make an appointment with the Paulding County Board of Health
     5. Acquire a Driveway Permit
     6. Know the safest route to bring in a mobile home
     7. Know specific Township requirements
     8. Contact the Army Corp. of Engineers (if building in or near a waterway in Paulding County)

1. Purchase a Paulding County Building Permit
This permit will notify the Paulding County Auditor of new development and inform you if your property is involved in a Flood Hazard area. If you live in a village, check with the village first.

Paulding County Auditor (419) 399-8205

Failure to purchase a Building permit could result in late fees, penalties, and stoppage of work.

2. Purchase a Township of Village Zoning Certificate
A township zoning certificate is required before beginning development in Auglaize, Benton, Blue Creek, Carryall, Crane, Emerald, Harrison, Latty, Paulding, and/or Washington Townships.

A village zoning certificate is required before beginning development in any Paulding County village.

Township Contact   Village Contact
Auglaize (419)-393-2876       Antwerp (419) 258-7422
Benton (419)-399-4613   Broughton (419) 399-3645
Blue Creek (419) 622-6454   Cecil (419) 399-0520
Brown (419) 594-2042   Grover Hill (419) 587-3225
Carryall (419)-506-1922   Haviland (419) 622-1030
Crane (419) 399-3721   Latty (419)-399-5315
Emerald (419) 399-5749   Melrose (419) 594-2133
Harrison (419)-263-2171   Oakwood (419) 594-2211
Jackson (419) 399-4236   Paulding (419) 399-4011
Latty (419) 587-5885   Payne (419) 263-2514
Paulding (419) 399-9770   Scott (419) 622-6801
Washington (419)-439-8509

Failure to purchase a Zoning certificate could result in fines and stoppage of work.

3. Check with utility companies to ensure proper installation or location of existing lines
State law says you must contact Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) two working days in advance if any digging may occur. Utility companies will mark any underground cables on your property.

Ohio Utilities Protection Service: (800) 362-2764

Failure to contact OUPS could result in fines, penalties, and possible injury.

4. Make an appointment with the Paulding County Board of Health
An appointment must be made with the Board of Health to approve your new or existing septic and drinking water systems. The Board of Health Inspector wiill need drawings showing either where your new systems will be installed and the distances from each other, or where existing systems are located.

Andy Porter: (419) 399-3921

Failure to contact the Paulding County Board of Health could result in fines, stoppage of work, and/or imprisonment.

5. Acquire a Driveway Permit
If you are installing a new driveway on a County road, you need to contact the Paulding County Engineer's office to receive a driveway permit. A two week minimum notification is required to effectively process your application. There is no cost for the county permit, but information as to the proper size will be conveyed. Click here to download an application.

If you are installing along a Township road, please contact your Township Trustee. A State permit is required if you are installing along a State or Federal Highway.

Road Type   Contact
Township Road   Township Trustee
County Road   (419) 399-2433
State/Federal Highway   (419) 399-2746

Installing a pipe without proper authorization and/or that impedes the flow of water could result in a legal situation between landownders or being forced to correct the problem at your expense.

6. Know the safest route to bring in a mobile home
Please contact the Paulding County Engineer's office for the safest route to transport your mobile home to your property. A one week minimum notification to the Paulding County Engineer's Office is required. A bond with sufficient surety in the amount of $25,000 indemnifying Paulding County and its townships for any damages must be purchased from the mover's insurance company and be filed in the Engineer's office. A certificate of insurance or affidavit from a legally authorized agent in an amount no less than $100,000 for public liability and property damage which might occur must also be purchased. The Engineer's office will notify you of any construction areas that should be avoided, load limits over bridges, and roads that are unsuitable for heavy vehicle travel.

Paulding County Engineer: (419) 399-2366

Failure to follow these guidelines could result in civil and criminal penalties.

7. Know specific Township requirements
Some Townships have laws requiring that developers contact the Trustees for any information they may have regarding development. Your Township Trustees should be able to answer your questions regarding local laws.

Failure to do this could result in additional costs to comply or stoppage of work.

8. Contact the Army Corp. of Engineers If you are building in or near a waterway in Paulding County, the Army Corp. of Engineers has the authority as to what type of development is allowed. Building near the bank of a waterway or near a wetland could require you to apply for permits.

Army Corp. of Engineers: (419) 898-3491

Failure to contact the Army Corp. of Engineers could result in fines, stoppage of work, or reconstruction of your structures.

Permission must be obtained from the Paulding County Engineer's Office for any extensive movement or rearrangement of ground surface contours (ponds, embankments, causeways, boat ramps, etc.) which occur upon or within a 100-year flood plain as depicted on Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

Any structures including, but not limited to, houses, garages, barns, etc., which are built in or upon a flood plain, must meet specific standards in order to be permitted by the Engineer's office. These standards vary according to location.

Banks and/or lending institutions also check the flood plain maps to determine property locations before lending money on properties located in the flood plain. Once all standards are approved through the Engineer's Office, the bank and/or lending institution may or may not approve loans or mortgages for structures located within the flood plain.

There appears to be a popular tendency toward filling in low-lying areas. These low-lying areas serve as temporary water retention resources and filling them in increases the likelihood that the displaced water will end up in less desirable location.

Increased development means increased water run-off. This increased water run-off, along with continuing improvements to farmland surface and subsurface water drainage makes the preservation of these natural temporary water storage areas important. It would be unfortunate if we had to replace the low-lying water retention areas which nature has provided, with costly man-made reserve areas.

The intent of these regulations is to prevent the flooding of existing structures and to monitor the building of new structures which would be vulnerable to flooding.

Questions on these regulations and/or reports of possible violations should be forwarded to:

Tony Windsor (FEMA Flood Plain Administrator)
Paulding County Engineer's Office
115 North Williams Street RM-B2
Paulding, OH 45879
Phone (419) 399-2366
Fax (419) 399-8246

Flood Plain Maps
Auglaize Township (209 KB)
Benton Township (204 KB)
Blue Creek Township (221 KB)
Brown Township (308 KB)
Carryall Township (303 KB)
Crane Township (289 KB)
Emerald Township (230 KB)
Harrison Township (188 KB)
Jackson Township (216 KB)
Latty Township (240 KB)
Paulding Township (218 KB)
Washington Township (205 KB)

Paulding County Application for Approval of Minor Subdivision
If you are going to create a parcel that is less than 5 acres this application needs to be filled out and taken

to the Paulding County Engineer's Tax Map Office located in the basement of the Paulding County Courthouse
Click Here to Download the Application for Approval of Minor Subdivision


What Is A Survey?
A survey locates upon the ground that land which your deed describes.
The following are some different types of surveys:

Boundary Survey:
A survey for the express purpose of locating, describing, monumenting, and mapping the exact boundaries and corners of a given parcel of land. This involves record and field research, field measurements, and computations with the findings shown on a survey plat that is given to the land owner. A description may also be required for purposes of recording a new deed.

Title Survey:
A survey which meets the specific needs for title insurance. The survey plat must show particular information discovered from measurements taken at the site, and not necessarily evidenced by public record.

Subdivision Survey:
A survey for the division of any lot or tract of land into smaller lots, with monumentation and a subdivision plat conforming to the governing ordinances including boundary descriptions for new deeds as required.

Topographic Survey:
A survey locating natural and man-made features such as elevations, contours of land, streams, buildings, fences, etc.

A combination of boundary and topographic surveying is used for design and construction of roads, subdivisions, etc.

Who Is A Surveyor?
For a person to practice surveying in Ohio, he/she must be licensed and registered under the laws of the State of Ohio as a Professional Surveyor.

Results of every survey must be shown by the surveyor on a plat as required by the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers.

When Do You Need A Survey?
A survey should be performed when any of the following situations arises:

      The title to land is to be transferred and the land is not clearly defined by plat, description, or location on the surface of the earth

      Land is to be divided by land contract, will, deed, court order, or desire of the owner

      Land is to be improved by the construction of buildings, roads, fences, lakes, etc.

      There is a boundary dispute between you and your neighbor or you believe someone is encroaching on your land

      There is reason to believe the description, plat, or the location of any property line or corner is incorrect

What Does A Survey Cost?
The cost of a survey depends on several things including the type of survey needed, the time required to perform the survey, and the preparation of necessary plats and descriptions. Some variables which affect the cost of a land survey are:

Terrain and Accessibility:
A level, open field is much easier to survey than a wooded, hilly tract of land

Time of Year:
Dense vegetation in summer often restricts the line of sight. Snow in winter may conceal field evidence

Size and Shape:
An irregularly shaped tract of land has more corners and a longer perimeter than a square containing the same area

Field Evidence:
The presence of iron monuments, corner stones, etc. in the survey area aid the surveyor; their absence makes the survey more difficult

At times, the legal description of the property to be surveyed may be vague, incomplete, contradictory, and/or mathematically inaccurate. It may also be necessary to resolve an unrecorded deed, agreement, or easement.


Douglas E. Dunakin, P.S.
16728 Road 275
, Ohio 45813
Tel: 419/258-4951

Warren Foy, P.S.
W L Foy Engineering & Surveying
915 Pearion St.
Van Wert, Ohio 45891
Tel: 419/238-6000
Fax: 419/238-6009

Timothy R. Worline, P.E.,P.S.
T.R. Worline & Assoc., Inc.
1255-360 N. Scott Street
P.O. Box 671
Napoleon, Ohio 43545
Tel: 419-592-9661
Fax: 419-592-8029

Don N. Friemoth, P.S.              10637 Mendon Road                 
Van Wert, Ohio 45891
Tel: 419/238-4817

Merlin Butler, P.S.
Poggemeyer Design Group
P.O. Box 7040
Defiance, Ohio 43512
Tel: 419/782-3067
Fax: 419/784-5293

Brad J. Core, P.E., P.S.
Div. Of Materials Testing Inc.
1660 South Defiance Trail
Spencerville, Ohio 45887
Tel: 419-647-6163

Thomas J. Henry, P.S.
Ohio and Indiana                       
R.R. # 2 Gruber Road
, Ohio 43512
Tel: 419-428-4461
Tel: 419-782-5200         

Superior Surveying
Lawrence R. Eriksen, R.L.S.
733 E. Jefferson
Montpelier, Ohio 43567
Tel: 419-485-4974

David R. Maxson, P.S.
Maxson and Associates
237 Marshall Street
, OH 43567
Tel: 419/337-7806
Fax: 419/335-5040

Paul J. Westhoven, P.S.
Registered Land Surveyor          
523 E. Riverview Avenue
P.O. Box 172
Napoleon, Ohio 43545   
Tel: 419/592-0771         
Fax: 419/592-0775        

Bockrath & Associates
137 W. Third Street
, Ohio 45875
Tel: 419/523-5789
Fax: 419/523-5799

Douglas W. Eis, L.S.
D.W. Eis Surveying
16-883 State Rt. 281
Holgate, Ohio 43527
Tel: 419/762-5468|
Fax: 419/762-5469

LJB Group, Inc.
545 W. Market St.
Lima, Ohio 45801
Tel: 419/225-5995

Sheldon Engineering & Surveying
1280 N. Cole Street
, Ohio 45801
Tel: 419/228-4421

R. D. Zande & Assoc. Inc.
5555 Airport Highway
Toledo, Ohio 43615
Tel: 419-867-6666
Fax: 419-867-6654

James M. Kent, P.S.               
1750 Bellefontaine St.               
P.O. Box 96
Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895
Tel: 419/738-5677
Fax: 419/738-7894

Pat Johnson, P.S.
Saneholtz & Associates, LLC
P.O. Box 964
, OH 43506
Tel: 419/636-5828
Cell: 419/438-2566

Brian Wieland, P.E., P.S.
14067 County Road 20
West Unity, OH 43570
419-924-2100 voice


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